One On One Training

I have assisted thousands of people with their health and fitness goals over the years, by listening to their needs and goals. After completing an initial fitness assessment and consultation, I will create a tailored exercise program to train and assist you with your personal health and fitness goals, achieving the best possible outcome.

Group Fitness Programs

I offer group fitness indoors or outdoors at your nearest park. This group fitness training is a great way to meet people and achieve your goals in a fun environment. If you prefer working out in a group environment with friends, and family, this program is for you.

I provide In Home Fitness Training Services for fitness and health related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson, fibromyalgia, cancer patients, soft tissue injuries, cholesterol issues, and more.

Corporate Services

I help organizations improve their employees' health and fitness by providing various fun fitness programs in a safe environment. There is a variety of fitness programs available depending on the individual needs of the company. I promote Preventative Health and focuses on improving employees lifestyle in order to contribute to a healthy organization. Fitness programs assist in increasing employees' morale, decreasing absenteeism, and maximizing work efficiency. Demonstrate that your company cares about staff well being by providing fitness guidance and resources.

Lunch and Learn

A lunch and learn session is a great way to educate employees on health topics. Lets work together to introduce a topic that is suitable for your corporation. An example of a popular topic is Weight management: The secrets to healthy weight loss. A topic presented to Intact Insurance was "The 5 components to healthy living"

Fitness programs

Employees work many hours and normally don't have time to go to the gym. A large percentage (80%) of people that register for a gym membership do not attend a gym. I will help your employees achieve their fitness goals by conducting fitness classes at your corporation. Individual programs or group programs (Group fitness, walking and jogging programs) are available on site at your workplace.

Gift Certificates

Perfect present for the person you care about, as Personal Training packages will improve their health.

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