Fitness Assessment

Begin your journey to achieving your fitness results by completing a fitness consultation. During this consultation, I will review your medical information and assesses your current level of physical activity. This process will aid in developing an exercise program that will assist you reach your specific fitness goal. Book your fitness consultation prior to starting your fitness program.

Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)

FAE is performed to determine a person’s functional abilities before returning to work after an injury. An FAE is also used to determine a person’s disability, and assist the kinesiologist to plan and monitor a person’s treatment and progress during rehabilitation. Numerous objective tests are performed to determine the individual’s functional abilities, and these tests also evaluate if a person has the ability to safely compete all activities that are expected to complete when returning to work.

Ergonomic Assessment

An ergonomic assessment is conducted at your workstation, to arrange and adjust your work environment to fit your body. Changing or re arranging your workstation layout, computer equipment and office furniture may be recommended to prevent injuries. The main goal is to decrease or prevent employees’ exposures to work hazards. Education and instruction is provided in work practices that will assist with the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

Job Site Analysis

A Job site analysis assists in integrating safety and health principles and practices for a particular task or job operation. As a Registered Kinesiologist I will assist in identifying any potential job hazards and recommend the safest way to complete the job or task.

The benefits of a job site analysis is to detect hazards and increase knowledge to employees completing tasks. Safety and health awareness is raised and education for safe work precedures is promoted.

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