My Background

I have been a Kinesiologist for over 15 years and I have seven years working experience in the insurance industry. My extensive expertise in the field of Kinesiology has enabled me to develop my expertise in

  • Assessing clients’ health, fitness and injuries
  • Functional abilities evaluation
  • Designing fitness programs and treatment plans
  • Implementation and evaluation of fitness programs and treatment plans
  • Fitness and health teaching and overall results

I provide fitness and rehabilitation services at the comfort of your own home, with a one on one approach. I understand the importance of getting all the attention you require in our session with no interruptions. The focus is you, and I provide all the education required to complete all the exercises with proper biomechanics. All my sessions are personalized, to provide you with the best service and results.

All my treatment have been proven to work over the years, and if a referral is required to another health professional to assist with results, I will refer you and have the proper multidisciplinary team on board to assist you.

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